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ID photo for administration papers are always a real headache

ID photo for administration papers are always a real headache

Indeed, acceptation terms of ID photos are moreover complex. But it’s not a problem anymore for your BTP Card !

A smartphone application has been created to help you to realize a photo that will very probably be accepted by civil services.


Available on iPhone and iPad, just as on Android, the Carte BTP Photo application created by CONGÉS INTEMPÉRIES BTP UNION DES CAISSES DE FRANCE is an official and free application, available in French and in English, and helps you to realize your regular ID photo.



STEP 1 :

First, the application show you important details to realize the photo : do not have any accessory (as a hat, a scarf, etc.. even your glaces !), keep your eyes open and do not smile. It should be as neutral as possible.

STEP 2 :

It’s tpicture time, it’s better if you ask someone else to take it. Note that you absolutely have to keep your eyes in the red space and be in the drawing figure. Of course, you have as many try as you need.


STEP 3 :

Your photography is ready. It’s time to complete mandatory informations that will appear on your BTP Card (if you are an employee, your employer will complete all additional informations when he will ask your card) : Your firtsname, your last name, and your birth date.


STEP 4 :

The application enable you to list all photos that you realized or (if you are an employer) has been sent to you.


STEP 5 :

Send your photo to your employer, and he will ask your BTP Card. It’s as easy as it looks !


The application seems to conquered a lot of workers, there are 146 positive recommandation on the App Store !

Upload the complete user guide


You do not have any excuse anymore to miss your ID photo ! And to do your BTP Card, So Posting Worker manage all mandatory administrative obligations for you, what’s easier ?

Order your BTP card directly on your So Posting Worker website !

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Les photos d’identité à faire pour les papiers administratifs sont toujours un immense casse-tête.

En effet, les conditions d’acceptation des photos d’identité sont de plus en plus compliquées. Mais ce n’est plus un problème pour votre Carte BTP !

Une application pour smartphone a été crée pour vous aider à réaliser une photo qui sera quasi-surement acceptée par l’administration.