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Posting of workers gets easier online par So Posting Worker

The simplified posting of workers

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So Posting Worker is a platform for the management of posting of workers for all industries.

This new website allows you to handle all your obligations concerning posting of workers, such as storage of mandatory documents, management of your posted employees, applications for SIPSI or Construction cards, etc.

A representation service for your posting of workers

Designate So Posting Worker as social representative. Having been implemented in 25 countries, the group offers company representation in the country where the workers have been posted, as well as an array of complementary services, adapted to the laws of the foreign country and to the sector concerned.

An online platform to manage your administrative procedures

So Posting Worker is an online service which helps manage and secure all compulsory formalities which the companies posting the employees in Europe must carry out.

Assistance in 11 languages

So Posting Worker offers support in the following languages: english, portuguese, german, romanian, czech, arabic, spanish, italian, bulgarian, polish and french. It is perfect in the event of an inspection !

We have done over 30 missions with the SoPostingWorker

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