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Posting of workers: new decree published in the French Republic’s Official Journal

Posting of workers: the new decree issued in the Official Journal of the French Republic on July 28, 2020 (in French) entered into force on July 30, 2020 and aims to fight against unfair competition.

The decree includes rules such as:

  • From now on, employers seconding employees must support the professional expenses of their posted workers (transport, food and accommodation).
  • The procedures for prior declarations and the issuance of professional identification cards (Carte BTP in the construction sectors) change;
  • The Direccte (French Regional Directorates for Business, Competition, Consumption, Labor and Employment) now has greater sanctioning powers.

Our online platform So Posting Worker enables you to manage all the obligations regarding the posting of workers (storing compulsory documents, managing your workers’ postings, the applications for SIPSI declarations or BTP Card - French professional ID cards for construction workers, etc…) in compliance with this new decree.

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Source : Wolters kluwer – Actualités du droit(in French)

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It should be noted that the posting of workers is highly regulated today, and therefore very controlled.